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Crypto Recovery

crypto recovery

Cryptocurrency Tracking & Recovery

Ethical hackers employ a systematic and ethical approach to recovering stolen cryptocurrency, typically involving the following steps:

1. Investigation and Analysis:

 Gather information about the theft, including the type of cryptocurrency, wallet addresses involved, and any suspicious transactions.
 Analyze the blockchain ledger to trace the movement of the stolen funds.

2. Wallet Recovery:

 Attempt to recover access to compromised wallets through password cracking, seed phrase recovery, or social engineering.
Identify and secure any vulnerable wallets associated with the stolen funds.

3. Tracking and Tracing:

 Use blockchain analysis tools to track the stolen cryptocurrency and identify potential suspects.
Monitor cryptocurrency exchanges and dark web marketplaces for suspicious activity.

4. Negotiation and Recovery:

 Contact the suspects or entities holding the stolen funds and attempt to negotiate their return.
 Use legal channels or law enforcement assistance if necessary.

Been a victim of Crypto Hack?

Hire A Hacker For Recovery !

Lost Access to your crypto account, social media account’s password  or someone hacked it and changed your recovery phone number and email address ?.We got you covered with our certified dark web hackers recovery your account or lost cryptocurrency.

Our hackers are professionals who are familiar with blockchain transactions. Therefore, get in touch with us if you believe you have lost Bitcoin to fraud or scam, and we will try our utmost to have the transaction tracked and every penny of the lost cryptos will be successfully be RECOVERED!!!

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Crypto Investment scam

crypto recovery

Recovery from Investment scam

Have you by any means invested your funds or bitcoin with an investment platform and later found out it's a scam and you would like to trace back and recover your scammed crypto funds?
Trust Geeks Hack Expert is well equipped with certified bitcoin experts which help victims recover from investment/bitcoin scam.

Binary Option Scam

crypto recovery

Recovery from Binary Option Scam

Binary Option Scam has left most of its victims completely broke. Nevertheless, our best bitcoin recovery expert have been able to help victims after been scammed off money intended to start up a business, life savings, retirement benefits, pension funds and so on.

Inspite of all the questions victims may have, our goal is to help recover bitcoin/cryptocurrency funds from scammers operating shore.

Bitcoin to Wrong Address

crypto recovery

Sent Cryptocurrency to Wrong Address

Sending Cryptocurrency like (BTC, ETH, LTC) to a wrong address accidentally is a common mistake that could be made by anyone. Victims of this very simple but costly mistake are devastated since the crypto space is designed for anonymity and as such cannot contact the owner of the wallet address where the funds is sent, and once a transaction is initiated, it cannot be altered or cancelled. We help recover victim funds on the blockchain network following the SHA HASHING FUNCTION ALGORITHM

Recover Wallet Password

crypto recovery

Recover Account Password

Cryptocurrency is quite new to a lot of people since not everyone understands the crypto-space and how it works. As such, people still fall victim of loosing their digital wallet.
Our crypto wallet password recovery can fix the issue. We help victim gain access to their cryptocurrency funds as well as their wallet and ensuring its protected and secured.

Recover Lost Bitcoin Wallet

crypto recovery

Recover Lost Bitcoin Wallet

Low storage capacity of electronic devices is a major cause of crypto-related issues. Our digital devices most often makes us fall victim and accidentally deleting our crypto applications.
We help Victims recover their funds through a simple chargeable process. reach out and get connected with our crypto recovery experts for a one time solution.


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Trust Geeks Hack Expert was founded by Crypto Intelligence, Crypto Investigations, Asset Recovery and Offshore Legal Experts. With over 15 years of experience in these fields individually they came together to form a boutique Cyber and Crypto Intelligence Group focused on providing results.

Identifying Cryptocurrency Threats

Crypto is highly volatile, can become illiquid at any time, and is for investors with a high risk tolerance.

Managing Cryptocurrency Security

One of the most important considerations in protecting cryptocurrency is having overall good online security.

Testing Cryptocurrency Security

We outline the important cryptocurrency security measures and CCSS compliance areas in cryptocurrency.