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Erase Criminal Records

Erase Your Criminal Record

So you have a dirty profile that is hindering you from having that dream job or has taken your normal life and happiness away?

Stress no more as we are here to make everything better. We will help you get into any database where your criminal records are kept and delete all of them. You will be able to live that life you have always dreamed of forever.

You made an operation and the surveillance camera caught you? You do not want the files to reach any authorities because I’ll be fuck up for you. Reach out to us ASAP and let’s delete those files . You do not want to take any chances of going to jail after a successful operation. Stay safe with us.


Well, it will interest you to know that SOCIAL ENGINEERING is a very big part of this job we do. We have specialized social engineers with over 8 years of work experience before getting into our community who have made all our social engineering issues 100% successful. So With all the info we get from our social engineers, we will be able to successfully hack into any servers and delete all your records be it videos, pictures or document files.

Be rest assured that no matter what database your criminal records are stored in, we will delete them for you and you will become a free man once more.